public service

Are we confident that the proposed changes to State Services legislation will address the real problems?

The Minister for States Services, Chris Hipkins, has announced a review of the 1988 State Services Act with a six-week consultation period.

TVNZ 7 will end in June 2012 when its funding runs out. This will make NZ the only developed country without a Public Service Broadcaster, but it doesn't have to be this way

New Zealand’s only dedicated public service television channel, TVNZ 7, will cease in 2012. The government has chosen to discontinue it’s funding.

The government repeatedly damns the bloated public sector and its growth under the previous government. So what are the facts?

New Zealanders are drifting back to work this week, dozy and with feet-dragging. Many will return to work in the public sector, once regarded as the backbone of a decent, democratic state, now more often slagged off as a bungling bureaucracy.

National's decision to hire "purchase advisers" is another nail in the coffin of a neutral public service. Or is it?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the relationship between elected Ministers and the public service was relatively simple – in theory at least. Each Minister was "responsible" for those public servants within his or her portfolio, having to account to Parliament – and ultimately to the electorate – for their actions or inactions.