Productivity taskforce

To grow strong businesses and more financially secure households, our capital markets need to be dug over and replanted. Last week's taskforce report offers a hoe with which the government can start digging

The government's economic platform for 2010 has been laid over the past year by the work of three taskforces – tax, productivity and capital markets. Politically, they are the government's finger in the wind, testing public response to the ideas mooted, and its softening up crews. So what to make of them?

To close the gap with Australia, will Brash dare to follow the Australian example? Or will it be Rogernomics: the next chapter?

So Don Brash is our new Productivity Tsar, huh? Political ironies don't come much richer. It's almost as funny as this government going on about productivity being its number one priority while at the same time cutting contributions to the Super Fund and axing R&D tax incentives.