Brian Tamaki says he just wants to help male prisoners become better men. He's got a funny way of going about achieving that goal.

For someone who says he simply wants his Destiny Church’s “Man Up/Tu Tanganta” programme (sorry, “lifestyle”) to help “restore men to their true identity” in prisons, Brian Tamaki sure seems to behave in some peculiar ways.

The media have told us that Murray Wilson refused to attend a rehabilitation programme while in prison. In fact, the Corrections Department refused to let him attend

Murray Wilson, aka the ‘Beast of Blenheim’, sat in prison for 18 years doing next to nothing – and the whole country (well, Wanganui anyway) is up in arms. Why? That ‘doing nothing’ in prison seems to be at the heart of the problem.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn finds himself on the wrong side of the very essence of being a French privileged high-flyer, and it turns out that guilty or not, the sun has proven way too close for this Icarus.

The so-called “Great Seducer” is hardly cold in his prison cell, yet the world’s financial elite is jockeying and lobbying for placing a successor to run the International Monetary Fund.

A clearly worried China has scored an own-goal with its ridiculous and abusive reaction to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to its national 'dissident' Liu Xiaobo. The embarrassment should last for some time.

The empty chair in Oslo spoke a volume the Chinese Communist-ish government could never silence.

Banning smoking in prison stops crime. The Daily Telegraph says so. It must be true.

The news (update: confirmed here) that the Government intends to ban smoking in prisons by 2011 isn't entirely surprising.