Leaked memo makes case for drone strikes on US citizens; Japanese PM condemns China for locking radar on Japanese ship; South Korea pushes to deploy spy satellites to watch North Korea; Tunisian opposition leader shot dead; plagiarism scandal threatens Angela Merkel's re-election campaign; and more

Top of the Agenda: Memo Reveals Legal Case for Drone Strikes on Americans

The plagiarism row surrounding Witi Ihimaera's new novel is a reminder of something more profound: if you want to get respect, you've got to give it

A disclaimer to open with. I haven't read Witi Ihimaera's latest (and now infamous) novel, The Trowenna Sea. Nor am I likely to—while I respect Ihimaera's talent and importance as a writer, his later work just doesn't excite me that much. My failure, I know, but so it goes.