Pike River

John Key's brought some messy baggage back from Australia, and finds himself in a hole of his own making at a very sensitive time politically. Yet every new word just seems to make it worse

When it comes to talking about mining, the Prime Minister should realise he's in a hole and stop digging. But from his interview with The Australian to his unconvincing performance during today's Question Time, he just can't seem to step away from the pit opening in front of him.

Until mother nature threw her fury at New Zealand three times in six months, wall-to-wall news was something for other countries. TV networks however are creating a new media world live on your screen, right now

My mother got an email last night from an old school friend reassuring Mum that she was safe, adding in lament, "our lovely city has gone forever". It seems we have lost what the New York Times has been calling "a graceful 19th-century city".

The government ended the year on the political mountain top thanks to a lot of luck and bucket full of caution... And my belated pick for minister of the year

And just like that, it was over. 2010: A pretty miserable year done and dusted. Sadly, dust was an all too literal part of the year, what with the Canterbury earthquake and our need to learn more about coal dust than any of us really wanted to, after the Pike River mine explosions.

The metaphorical Pike River post-mortem has started, without waiting for the Royal Commission and others’ findings, in some defiance of the truth, and the incendiary risks

Sometimes there are no words. And yet, columns must be written, inches and airtime filled, any kind of resolution sought for those who must carry on. Inquiries must be launched and action taken, on behalf of those who cannot.

Even though more important things are happening on the Mainland, Parliament is displaying its worst and best qualities this week.

Although the dreadful vigil at Pike River overshadows everything else, Auden reminds us that even tragedy cannot stop the world from turning;