Paul Krugman

If we really are serious about regional wellbeing, we may be pursuing it in the wrong way.

Economic theory is not strong on spatial issues. There have been the occasional brilliant contributions – those by Paul Krugman and Gunnar Myrdal come immediately to mind – but most economists are trained with little attention to spatial relations. Which may explain why regional economic policy is so inept.

No, reducing gender inequality doesn’t make income inequality worse.

When I was a teenager, the political right would argue that working women caused inflation and unemployment. They said women in work put men out of jobs, while rising household incomes led to rising prices so that no one was better off. 

The rest of the world is about to start reining in all those stimulus packages that took the edges off the recession. That could be really good for New Zealand, or really, really bad

If you only caught the headlines from the weekend's G20 summit, you could be excused for thinking all is coming right with the global eocnomy.