The ISIS attacks on Friday the 13th in Paris, in Beirut, and when the Russia plane was attacked, were an attack on all modern civilisation and society from Lebanon to France. The target on Friday was the values first articulated on Paris streets in the 18th century that led to a modern liberal revolution and eventually liberty in speech and assembly, fraternity expressed in tolerance and plurality, and equality between genders. 

Be clear about what motivates ISIS. It doesn’t massacre Yizadis to stop their drones and protest Yazidi imperialism. It kills them and enslaves their women because of their religion. Salmon Rushdie's Japanese translator was not murdered 25 years ago because of the invasion of Iraq. The mad ideology of ISIS began to be popularised through the insane ravings of Sayd Qutb in the 1950s and 60s.

Hone Harawira has won himself a second chance. He won't get a third. So the question for him next year is whether he wants to be a leader or a rebel

All Maori politics is tribal politics, and so the Maori Party's forgiveness of Hone Harawira today, if a little reluctant, is an olive branch to Nga Puhi and others in the north as much as it is to the man himself.

HH, his wife and Me/ Fucked off to Paris to have a sight-see/ Too much beauty in one foul sweep/ And the brilliant sun made me blind on the beach/ So I made it back to confusion row/ Where encased in four walls my mind could cope/ We live in hope

So, I think I've got this right.

Hone Harawira, finding himself on parliamentary business in Brussels with his wife in tow, thinks to himself "why not skip tomorrow's pointless meeting and pop off to Paris for a bit of sight-seeing?" Which he does.

Satirist David Sedaris skewers himself again in latest collection

Despite attempts to savour each crazy morsel, I gulped down the latest David Sedaris essay collection, When You Are Engulfed in Flames.