Otago University

If you know something about a case that a court has suppressed, when can you safely tell another person about it? According the the Supreme Court, it all depends.

There's a certain vicarious thrill at seeing your ultimate boss' name on a Supreme Court decision - it's like being in court yourself, but without any of the hassle or expense.

Who says sport, politics and literature can't mix?

Back in my undergraduate days at Otago, I took a political studies degree. One of my lecturers then was Anthony (Tony) Wood; a true legend of the field.

Air NZ crash report: too low, too slow; 20 percent of workers fear for their jobs; Kiwi troops to stay in Afghanistan another year; Otago toga parade turns ugly; and more

The New Zealand Herald has held back its second edition for a "3am Special", with its lead story revealing details of the first official report into the crash of the Air New Zealand Airbus A320 in France last November.