Jane Kelsey's court victory over the evil MFAT/Tim Groser empire is probably too little, too late for her campaign against the TPPA. But it sends some important messages to a range of public actors in New Zealand's governing arrangements.

As mentioned in the media yesterday, Jane Kelsey and a rag tag fugitive fleet of civil society groups were (mostly) successful in their court challenge to MFAT/Tim Groser's refusal to

After intervention by the Ombudsman, The Guardians of the Super Fund have finally released a full, uncensored copy of their advice to Bill English last year. It reveals a strong fight against the government's 40% local investment target and concerns that the Fund would simply overwhelm the market

The Guardians of the New Zealand Superannnuation Fund are worried about getting too big for the local market, according to information released under the Official Information Act.

It's taken right-wing political consultant Matthew Hooton 16 months to get answer from police, and even then those answers raise more questions

Matthew Hooton has blogged today about his efforts to get answers from Police National HQ on how investigating officers handled complaints that the emails at the heart of Nicky Hager's book Hollow Men were stolen.