NZ Police

A quick note to the NZ Police. You don't own all the information on your computers or in your files - and if academics want to see it, you have to let them do so without imposing conditions. Most of the time, anyway!

For those not caught up on the background story, Jarrod Gilbert is an academic sociologist working at Canterbury University.

The horrible truth that young men have been allowed to carry on raping under the watchful eye of the police is bad enough. The story has also picked the scab off some ugly politics.

I am disgusted, most of all, with the men who raped the young women.

I am disgusted with the police for not investigating properly when they had a complaint. 

The Roastbusters club has again exposed police failings when it comes to sexual assaults. Sadly, that's hardly news and the police response to the revelations shows why

Power. And its misuse. It's what rape is all about and this week that's been apparent for all to see. Teenage boys in west Auckland have presented themselves online, in videos, and presumably around their neighbourhoods, as strutting powerbrokers on their patch by dint of their ability to bully young girls into sex.

Three recent stories serve as reminders that we have every right to expect much from those given power over us

Yesterday I had a little dig at Peter Dunne about being accountable for his vote on the SkyCity convention centre deal, the negotiation of which he has described as "very fast and loose at times". It's a theme worth exploring a little more, as I fear we may be getting lax in what we expect from public figures.