Nobel Peace Prize

Alfred Nobel intended his peace prize to go to those most responsible for creating "fraternity between nations," and the "reduction of standing armies." Yet a brief look at Obama's accomplishments since shows that the further we move from 2009, the further he turns from this legacy

Three years ago this month, the Nobel committee awarded its vaunted Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama. While many dubious names appear on the prize’s long list of winners, this decision was met with near-universal approval at the time.

Greek voters choose pro-bailout party; China completes first manned space docking; Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi finally accepts Nobel Peace Prize awarded in 1991; sucide bombers attack churches in Nigeria, 19 dead; G20 summit begins in Mexico; and more

Top of the Agenda: Greek Voters Choose Pro-Bailout Party

WikiLeaks supporters bring down Swedish government's website; cyber attackers also crashed MasterCard and Visa sites; there are now 1000 mirror sites that contain WikiLeaks information; democracy activists are under house arrest in China in advance of Liu Xiaobo receiving Nobel Peace Prize; China and North Korea have reached "consensus" on defusing Korean peninsula tensions; complicated maths to sort Iraqi cabinet; anti-drug group for Afghanistan

TOP OF THE AGENDA: WikiLeaks Supporters Launch Cyberattacks


When Hillary Clinton does make it to New Zealand, we need to be talking nukes with her. The time is ripe for New Zealand to offer its support to Obama's crusade

As the government looks to increase New Zealand's relevance on the world stage, it has focused largely on business relationships, re-connecting with America and, as I wrote yesterday, its Global Research Alliance.

Obama accepts Nobel amid controversy; China attempts to cool its real estate market; North Korea and US agree that Six-Party talks should resume; Iraq reshuffles security forces; France and UK agree on bank reform; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama Accepts Nobel Prize