minor parties' debate

So is Gareth Morgan going to go to court to force his way onto TVNZ's minor party debate? That story is a familiar one to me, but it also will be a defining moment for TOP

Well, this brings back memories. A colleague tonight tentatively asked, "now I don't want to trigger anything, but what happened with you and Colin Craig?". I assured her nothing but frustration was triggered, but it did take me back to 2014 and The Nation's day in court against the Conservative Party.

Bottom-lines on display in minor parties debate; home ownership set to rise as rates fall; National outspends Labour on infrastructure; Kiwi dollar plunges; and more

  • Bottom-lines and coalition partners were highlighted during the minor parties' leaders' debate on TVNZ last night. The Greens and Progressives confirmed they would not work with National, while Act and United Future said they would not work with Labour.