Mike Williams

The Justice Advisory Board appointed by Andrew Little says it will take a generation to transform the system. So with New Zealand's three year election cycle, Little needs to get on with it

Writing in Newsroom last week, Laura Walters discusses the work being done by the Justice Advisory Panel appointed by Andrew Little. She says the Panel has found that:

“there is widespread acceptance that New Zealand has a broken justice system”.

Gerry Brownlee has made me see the error of my ways. Two plus two equals five, and Nuk Korako's #noluggageleftbehind bill is a sterling contribution to the very fabric of New Zealand's democracy.

As some of you may have noticed, I put up a couple of blog posts last week in which I said some less than charitable things about Tutehounuku (Nuk) Korako's members bill, the 

After a Fiji holiday, the MPs' spending scandal looks incredibly tame; plus university reminiscences


Last month I spent a blissful week at a remote resort in Fiji with my oldest friends. (More of that later.) 

Fiji is a poor country with a military dictatorship for a government, a collapsed property development sector, and just recovering from a devastating hurricane.

The Prime Minister's sorry, the Rugby Union's sorry, Tuhoe is really sorry, and Tariana Turia is in high dudgeon

It was a week of apologies.

Everyone was apologising to everyone else about the pakeha-only rugby tours of South Africa and the Prime Minister apologised to anyone who took offence at him cracking the same cannibal joke at a couple of functions.

Mike Williams' departure from his government appointments leaves a bad taste and prompts questions about our supposed meritocracy

I suppose the H-bomb story did for him in the end. But Mike Williams' departure from Genesis Energy, GNS Science, and perhaps most crucially, the New Zealand Transport Agency, raises some serious questions about appointments to Crown agencies.