Mike Moore

Rohan Lord's decision to bail on Labour is perhaps representative of the rise of a political class who aren't prepared to import kumara to earn a seat, but rather take the L'Oreal approach to politics

My, how politics has changed. As with so much of the New Zealand lifestyle it has been streamlined, professionalised and become a much more risk-averse environment in recent years.

Despite the polls, an English win at next year's election would be an historic achievement. Which makes the choice of when to go to the country, so very important

Even with a 20 point poll lead over the main Opposition party, history is against Prime Minister designate Bill English. While he will take over the Prime Ministership with plenty of hoop-la on Monday, he will be trying to defeat history as well as Andrew Little (and Winston Peters?) to take the top job again after next year's election.

Russel Norman dared to (gasp!) compare John Key's approach to politics with that of Robert Muldoon! Have you ever heard anything so outrageous (since the exact same comparison was made in relation to Helen Clark)? 

Russel Norman's speech to the Green Party's AGM in the weekend caused a bit of a splash - not so much for what he said, but how he said it.

If we're going to have to have a vote on MMP, we should begin talking about it honestly.

While Australia is arming itself to the teeth to prepare for future wars, for the sake of the region New Zealand should stick to what it does best

Mike Moore put is succinctly and colourfully, in distinctly Mooresque terms: Australians are becoming the Texans of the South Pacific and New Zealand are the Canadians.

Without unwrapping screeds of wonky foreign policy, everyone watching Q+A on Sunday morning would have known exactly what Moore meant. Australia is getting the big guns and we're not.