Melissa Lee

What narrative emerged from Radio NZ's bosses revisiting the Economic Development select committee room? Nothing definitive ... but there's more to come yet, I think.

In terms of political theatre, not much beats a select committee hearing when there is the smell of scandal in the air. If that scandal involves potential political interference in a state-owned media organisation like Radio NZ, drama levels lift yet another notch.

In taking a whack at Maggie Barry's putting her hand up for the National Party's Botany candidacy, and almost every other journalist who's had a go in Parliament, the Sunday Star-Times editorial gives a once-over-lightly dismissal of some of the world's great leaders.

"Most celebrity politicians don't have a show" said the headline yesterday for the traditionally anonymous editorial in the Sunday Star-Times (SS-T).

Television has not been kind to the government this week

It's pretty easy to get caught up in the hype over how the "new media" are changing everything. Twitter, You-Tube, Facebook, MySpace, blogging—these "social media" are the way of the future (or so we are told).

The benign winter is over but spring is proving autumnal for the Government

Labour should not over-egg its victory in Mount Albert. Phil Goff needed the win more than John Key needed to close the gap in a safe Labour seat. But both need to do some serious thinking about the real winner, David Shearer

There might be some National supporters who thought their party could win Mount Albert, but they would have to be real dreamers.