The Police have, after intensive lobbying, achieved a law change that could end up putting more guns in the hands of criminals

The Arms (Military Style Semi-automatic Firearms and Import Controls) Amendment Bill was passed by Parliament last week. This new law, when it comes into force, will allow the definition of a “military style semi-automatic” (MSSA) rifle to be specified by regulation, rather than directly in the Arms Act as was previously the case.

Quebec has waded in to the burqa fight, and while the legislation that will lead to a limited ban on full facial covering has been suspiciously suspended, the debate of persecution versus xenophobia rages on.

As the French and the Belgians tear back the veil worn by Muslim women, so too is Quebec enmeshed in the same row

Attorney-General Chris Finlayson has told Parliament that disenfranchising all prisoners cannot be justified in a free and democratic society. So why does it look like he's going to vote for this to become our law?

Looks like some oik at Crown Law has been at it again.