law and order

When National revealed its "law and order" policy before the last election, I wrote this post on it. Now that Judith Collins reportedly is preparing to introduce legislation to deliver that policy, here are some more thoughts. 

Prior to the 2011 election, Judith Collins announced that National planned to legislate to permit the ongoing "civil detention" of offenders deemed at high risk of future sexual or violent offending even after their jail sentences were complete.

If you know someone very well might do a bad thing in the future, then why wait until they do it before punishing them?

Here's one of those moral-dilemma situations that get put to philosophy 101 students to illustrate the variety of forms of moral reasoning. You've got a group of (say) five people who have almost served their jail sentences for a crime.

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The National party is set to launch its law and order strategy today. The Dominion Post reports that under a National-led government a life sentence would mean just that and the most violent offenders would not get parole after their second violent offence resulting in a prison sentence of five years or more.