The National-led government has delivered an “Optimist’s Budget” forecasting increased tax revenue, increased spending, and increased debt on its journey to a wafer-thin surplus by June 2015.

This was no “zero” budget. If all goes according to plan over the next three years, the Government sees its tax revenue increasing by nearly 23%, its spending rising by a little more than 7%, and its net debt growing more than 34% to generate a surplus of $197 million on a $75 billion budget in 2015.

A child learns young that if you cry loudly enough, you're more likely to get attention. Do A, and you'll probably get B. So why can't New Zealanders and our governments so incapable of figuring out the same truth?

Ploughing through the news of last week has led me to one inevitable conclusion, that New Zealanders just haven't been able to get their head around 'cause and effect'. Y'know, the idea that if you do A, then you're likely to get B.

After a year of elision and mishap, John Key's government has hit its stride

I’ve found the missing Key to democracy. It seemed to get lost, for a while there; it’s good to have it back.

KiwiRail could buy commuter trains; warnings in new bullying report; government to reform overseas investment rules; ACT abandons party whips; and more

The government is considering using KiwiRail to buy new electric trains for Auckland and Wellington, the New Zealand Herald reports.