Kim Jong-Il

Japan's Liberal Democratic Party win election; North Korea commemorates one-year anniversary of Kim Jong-il's death; Taliban target US company in Afghanistan; EU and Singapore sign free trade pact; and more

Top of the Agenda: Japan's Election Sets Conservative Tone

EU agrees in principle to oil embargo that would ban member states from buying Iranian oil; EU move follows US sanctions on Iran's central bank, as Western countries call for Iran to stop work on nuclear programme; North Korea chides Japan for holding a security meeting in the wake of Kim Jong-Il's death; Australia says it will not pay $2 million ransom for Australian man taken hostage in southern Philippines; Taliban say they are responsible for deaths of 15 Pakistani soldiers; Rwandan militia kill 26 civilians in Democratic Republic of Congo; and more

Top of the Agenda: EU Agrees on Iran Oil Embargo

Rebels capture Qaddafi's compound and relocate headquarters to Tripoli; experts say public disorder and instability could emerge in Libya after Qaddafi regime falls; Kim Jong-Il meets with Russian president to discuss ending its nuclear weapons programme; Moody's downgrades Japan's economy; Israel claims to have killed Islamic Jihad militant; US markets respond to possible monetary stimulus; and more

Top of the Agenda: Libyans Eye Transition in Tripoli

Obama begins six-day Europe visit; Obama will address both houses of Parliament at Westminster; Middle East expected to be a major topic of conversation between Obama and European leaders; Kim Jong-Il to meet Chinese premier Jiang Zemin; Sony reports huge losses for the year, partly attributed to Japan earthquake and tsunami; Yemen's leader refuses to sign deal to step down; 89 killed as tornado rips through Missouri; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama Begins Six-Day Europe Trip


Another botched foray into international affairs sees Sarah Palin mistakes North Korea as America's ally. A little 'refudiation' is required just days after Barbara Bush suggested it would be best for the beautiful Sarah to stay in Alaska.

Barbara Bush – W’s ‘mommy’ has never been hailed for her tact and wow did that tell-it-how-it-is trait ring true this week, particularly when it came to Sarah Palin and her latest unsolicited foray into foreign affairs.