Jordan Williams

Nostalgia acts are all the rage right now. The Golriz Ghahraman story gives us a chance to revisit the good old pre-2014 days of Dirty Politics.

Last week Stevie Nicks and Chrissy Hynde tore up stages around New Zealand, the latest in a stream of aging rock acts to pack out local stadiums.

Jordan Williams' apparently crushing defamation victory from last year carried within it the seeds of its own demise. And in overturning that victory, the High Court has some less than complementry things to say about his own behaviour. 

This week is shaping up as a banner one for those few unusual individuals who consider defamation law an area

The point of Dirty Politics isn't (just) about what happens in September. Or, what Danyl Mclauchlan said, with more quotes.

I've made my way through Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics over the weekend. Danyl Mclauchlan's already pretty much expressed what it made me feel:

Need to know if your MP is giving you value for money? Just ask Jordan.

A chill wind of fear will have blown through the corridors of power in Wellington with the publication of this Sunday Herald story about Green MP Mojo Mathers' decision to travel to take part in a radio show about people with disabilities.

Guess who is sitting centre stage of the new campaign to defeat proportional representation?

Vote for Change is the new "grassroots campaign" “for fairness” and “against MMP.” It wants New Zealanders to join their society and help decide what electoral system would be best for New Zealand.