income tax

Rather than embracing tax like a beloved cuddly toy, we should pay it kicking and screaming and we'll be the better for it if we do.

The internet throughout New Zealand seems to be buzzing with the possibility that taxpayers can be persuaded to feel positive about paying tax. Not just positive, downright giddy.

A softening of the housing market, falling dairy prices and potential weakening of the Chinese economy do not bode well for New Zealand

There were knowing smiles among economists when earlier this year John Key set the election date a couple of months early. He told us it was because there were various international gatherings that the prime minister had to attend. But it also seemed possible that economy growth would be weakening at the end of 2014.

Our tax system asks too much of those with little, and too little of those with much.

You may recall that our tax system got a major overhaul in the 2010 Budget, with income tax rates going down while GST went up. This changed substantially the shares of tax revenue being paid by poor people and by rich people. Poor people pay for more of the government than they used to, while rich people pay for less.

John key says Labour's tax package will make high-income earners "not welcome in New Zealand". Where might they be more welcome than here?

In this morning’s news, the Prime Minister is quoted talking about Labour’s tax package, to be formally released on Thursday. He said: