Imperator Fish

I used to have a wonderful life. Then Scott Yorke ruined it.

Sitting alone in a small room in an undisclosed location, constantly guarded by two armed plain-clothes police officers, former marginal blogger and professional opinionator Andrew Geddis cuts a folorn figure.

I should be working on a learned article that will set the world of legal academia aflame. But it's Friday.

So, it's Friday afternoon and I'm not really in much of a state of mind to do anything of any great value. That being so, here's some things that I have wondered about in the last few days.

It is very important that Ian Wishart hears your honest-to-god, really-what-I think views on critical social matters.

Danyl McLachlin at the Dim-Post has broken his self-imposed exile from the blogosphere to draw the world's attention to this very important survey being run by Ian Wishart's Investigate Magaz