Syria casts pall on G20 Summit; Bank of Japan says economy on track to recovery; Cambodia criticised for not paying its share of costs for Khmer Rouge tribunal; Pakistan gets $6.7 million IMF loan; US car sales rebound; and more

Top of the Agenda: Syria Strikes Loom Over G20 Summit

Afghanistan suspends security talks with US; North Korea and China hold talks; Edward Snowden would not get preferential treatment if he applied for asylum in Hong Kong, says UN official; Obama to announce sharp reduction in nuclear warheads; IMF says Spain needs labour reform to reduce "unacceptably high" level of unemployment; and more

Top of the Agenda: Afghanistan Suspends U.S. Talks

North and South Korea agree to meet; radioactive leak discovered in Fukushima Plant; Karzai invites new Pakistan PM to Afghanistan; IMF admits mistakesin Greece bailout; and more

Top of the Agenda: Koreas Agree on Talks

Malaysian parliament dissolved; North Korea bans South Korean workers; IMF considers $4.8 billion loan to Egypt; militants storm court in Afghanistan; and more

Malaysia Dissolves Parliament for Fresh Elections

Developed countries like New Zealand can learn from Cyprus; an economy overly dependent on its financial sector rather than the real economy, is vulnerable. And the rule of law exist in our minds as much as it does in laws, courts and banks. It’s like a handshake. If one sides looses faith in the deal, doesn’t matter how many law enforcers you have, the system collapses.

Does anyone really understand what the hell just happened in Cyprus? 

Disaster appears to have been avoided today with a ‘Plan B’ agreed. The draft deal, cobbled together over the weekend would see bank deposits under $100,000 untouched but the country’s second biggest bank close. It still has to be approved by euro zone finance ministers.