government borrowing

Managing the government’s fiscal deficit need not mean cutting social expenditure.

An economic Austerian is someone who advocates cutting government spending, particularly social expenditures, in order to eliminate a government’s fiscal deficits. (The name is a portmanteau of ‘austerity' and ‘Austrian' from the neoliberal ‘Austrian School of Economics'.)

One of the biggest issues missed during the election campaign was the sustainability of National's economic, environmental and even social policies. So what do you do if the government's not thinking long-term?

Behavioural economics is not a complete theory but it demonstrates that we are not the economic rational being usually assumed in economics theory. One of the most troubling divergences is that we make time-inconsistent decisions so our short run choices do not cohere over the longer term.

Everyone is talking about economic recovery – but where is the transformation we were supposed to make?

Hasn’t the news been comforting over the last couple of months: a welcome flicker of growth, an upward movement in prices for our commodities, a recovery in the value of the superannuation fund investments, some confidence returning in the share market, and – oh, dear – signs of li