free trade

The TPP may not deliver an immediate big bang for our dairy industry. But there's an awful lot to like in it - and New Zealand really has to be a part of it.

Helen Clark had the most succinct and best explanation of why New Zealand had to be part of the TPP. I know for a fact that her late intervention caused some people who were sceptical about the TPP to revise their opinion about the necessity for New Zealand being in TPP.

Even if National loses the Northland by-election (which I don't think it will), things won't change quite as much as voters are being told they will. So why all the forecasts of  pestilence, blasting, mildew and locusts if Winston Peters wins?

There is an old Chinese curse that goes something along the lines of "may you live in an electorate which becomes important to the Government's ease of legislating in the House".

Hollande dissolves French government; Thailand's junta leader sworn in as prime minister; South Korea, China and Japan to hold free trade talks; fighting intensifies in Gaza; White House officials to attend funeral of unarmed youth killed in Missouri; and more

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France Dissolves Government

Ukraine expels pro-Russian separatists from government building in Kharkiv; Hagel warns China against making unilateral moves that could escalate tensions in Asia Pacific; Australia signs pact to free up trade with South Korea; and more 

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Ukraine Moves to Regain Eastern Control

Son of former Pakistani PM kidnapped; tensions between China and Japan heightened; Asian economies prepare for regional free-trade agreement; Mexico proposes bank reform to make loans cheaper; Israel approves new settlements near Ramallah; and more

Top of the Agenda: Pakistani Ex-PM's Son Abducted Before Sunday Vote