foreshore and seabed Act

The Government's plans to use the Crown's land for houses for Aucklanders face a bit of a problem - it may not be able to sell them the land on which those houses sit.

It may be a reflection of just how quickly the Government's recently announced plans to free up some 500 acres of land for housing in and around Auckland were developed, but it looks like no-one stopped to ask themselves "can we actually do this?" before

Extinguishment of Hurunui litigation rights recalls the Foreshore and Seabed Act, and it is breathing life into the embers of green activism

The damned Hurunui has lit a fire that will not be put out…

Recommendations on how to deal with the contentious Foreshore and Seabed Act go to Cabinet today and are due to be announced on Wednesday. Can the government both clear the hapu hurdle and pass the talkback test? And what is tipuna title?

'Repeal and replace', is the phrase most people are using to describe what will happen to the Foreshore and Seabed Act this week. And while the parties involved are staying mum on exactly what  the Act will be replaced with, several Maori leaders I've spoken to seem to have a pretty good idea.

Welcome to the cultural battleground... Resolving the foreshore and seabed could yet fall to the Supreme Court, in what would be a case of Roe v Wade proportions

It was a court case that started the foreshore and seabed debate and it could yet be a court case that ends it. The Ngati Apa group of tribes found themselves in the Court of Appeal in 2003 as they tried to figure out whether they could get into the marine farm business.

Tariana Turia this week celebrates one of the great political triumphs in this country's history. However, this debate is far from settled. The trickiest decisions lie ahead

The most fascinating thing about the release of the Foreshore and Seabed Act review is all that has not been said, rather than the words so far used this week.