financial crisis

A major preoccupation of the budget was preparing for the next major financial crisis. To do so it is reducing government spending relative to GDP. Where do tax cuts fit in? 

Our politics reminds me those weekly serial movies where each week the heroine ends in an impossible situation but next week she miraculously escapes and the action moves on to the next impossible situation.

Banks: Interest rates may be cut by more than one percent; Key at odds with other APEC leaders; flooding in the South Island; the most popular Kiwi movie; and more

  • The Reserve Bank is expected to lower the official cash rate by more than one percent next week as it moves to stimulate the slack economy.

Why the left might be happy to see National win this election

With the polls so close little over a week from the election, core supporters of all parties are focused intently on pushing their causes, hoping for enough votes to be central to coalition negotiations come November 9. So it's hardly the time to talk about the positives of losing, right?