The chief science advisor to the Prime Minister has just issued a damning commentary on the way in which the media presents 'information' about crime and punishment in New Zealand

Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s chief science adviser has released a report stating that for the last 20 years, the media narrative about crime and punishment has been driven by dogma.

How far may the Police go in tricking someone to "confess" to murder? Well, I can talk about what happens in Canada ... .

 In the early 1990s, Police in British Columbia came up with a pretty novel way of trying to get information out of suspects who had refused to tell them the "truth" in formal interviews. It's since become known over there as the "Mr Big" technique. The CBC's website describes it as follows:

Here's how Mr Big works:

Hardly a day passes without the media reminding us how alcohol is causing harm. Now the government has a golden opportunity to create a change in our binge drinking culture, so will it step up to the mark?

Another week in Godzone and we have seen yet more evidence of the harm alcohol can cause in the lives of our citizens.

US President Barack Obama has blocked the release of photo evidence of his al-Qaeda trophy because of its incendiary potential amongst terror extremists. He must now be hoping neither photo nor weighted corpse will surface any time soon. 

Do we really need to see the photos of a guy with two bullet wounds to the head to believe he’s dead? Well it seems some do, and it is a fair bet the conspiracy theories will build for both political and ideological gain.

You might think a jury's "not guilty" verdict finally puts a matter to rest but David Bain is discovering that it can be just the beginning

While the David Bain trial was still running, I tried my best to avoid getting captured in its myriad of details. I feared it would be the legal equivalent of Uncle Remus' tar baby, with the slightest contact inexorably trapping me as surely as Brer Rabbit.