Environment Court

The court with “the potential to affect New Zealanders’ day-to-day quality of life more than any other court in the judicial system” is on the ropes. The RMLA speaks out

Yesterday, thanks to footwork from the Resource Management Law Association, the rumour of recent weeks was confirmed.

Cabinet papers did exist, it appeared, confirming that Ministerial consideration was being given to doing away with the Environment Court.

The Government’s new plan for freshwater management is about as foggy as the Waikato on a frosty winter morning…  Wonder why?

Mighty River Power – the vanguard of the Government’s drive to pull private investors into its new Mixed Ownership Model for State-dominated enterprises – has been at war with the Waikato Regional Council for almost seven years. It’s a subject that – so far - everyone has skirted round in all the debate over the imminent MRP share float.