The Government announcement of a Predator Free goal for New Zealand by 2050 sounds good. But the budget for this is woefully inadequate, and comes on top of years of cost cutting - some say the deliberate, reckless weakening - of the Department of Conservation. We need to do more.

One per cent please.                                           

Government's gathering pace, in a way that ought to give us all serious pause - because it rips apart more than our constitutional fabric.

“New Zealand is a remorselessly democratic country.” -- Geoffrey Palmer

In 1977, 341,159 New Zealanders joined the petition of Gwenny Davis to Parliament.

Domestic airfare price war expected; Meridian Energy paid DoC for not opposing wind farm project; boot camp for young offenders; National Library to shed jobs; police warn about meeting internet amours in person; prices rise sharply at Birthcare

Australian budget airline Jetstar is expected to enter the NZ domestic market and ignite a price war, reports the Dominion Post.