David Garrett

Despite what the "three strikes" law seemed to say, another murderer has avoided a sentence of full-life-without-parole. And that's partly David Garrett's fault.

In a decision (available here) that got a little bit of media attention last week, the sentencing of one Justin Vance Turner tells us something about the way in which courts and Parliament d

The case of the latest MP in trouble shows once again how perilous it is to risk becoming an MP -- and how party selection processes militate for MPs who are 'safe', to the detriment of democracy

The breaking story that one of Labour’s young high fliers is currently subject to police investigation has been top of the New Zealand news over the last 24 hours, notwithstanding a new war, earthquakes and nuclear alarm.

The National and Act Party members of the Law and Order select committee not only have no regard for basic individual rights, but they want to give William Bell, Graeme Burton and Clayton Weatherston the vote. They are not only moral pygmies, but they are really, really dumb.

I have long been a big fan of New Zealand's commitment to parliamentary sovereignty, whereby we as a society leave the last word on our laws to the elected representatives of the people. Students in my Public Law class roll their eyes with the frequency and enthusiasm with which I refer to this basic principle of our constitution.

It's been easy to be a right-wing politician in New Zealand the past couple of years. It looks like it's about to get a lot trickier, as Garrett goes

Remember the "five-headed monster", John Key's attempt to scare voters in his direction at the last election? Well, it's back, or will be soon, as the politicians try to figure out the implications of ACT's disintegration as a credible political voice.

Prisoners used to get just the Bible to read in their cells. David Garrett might want to take a look at the parable of the unforgiving servant himself, as he looks for a way out of this week's mess... and what it all means for ACT

The best line on David Garrett's tribulations comes from Howard League campaigner Peter Williams QC, and steals my thunder somewhat. Williams told the Herald simply that the ACT MP had "demonstrated that no human being is perfect, and some recognition should be given to rehabilitation and repentance".