David Clendon

The 2017 election campaign hasn't properly started, yet it has taken another twist as two Greens MPs chose their conscience over party strategy and broke ranks. But who's really been the most indulgent and how might voters react? 

Strategy vs integrity. The long game vs the short. Individual conscience vs the collective good. These are tensions at the heart of politics, tensions that create drama, and which can engulf a party, as they have the Greens right now.

Gerry Brownlee, in his haste to scrape the bottom of the oil barrel, is showing some disregard for Maori that is not mana-enhancing

“Our prime purpose is with regard to petroleum. I think some people are interested,” said Rt Hon Keith Holyoake, in 1965, introducing the Continental Shelf Act.

Opposition MPs walked out on the Law & Order Committee yesterday because of Sandra Goudie's poor chairing--John Key should take action; after all committee work is at the heart of an MP's job

Sandra Goudie hasn’t exactly been a star in the parliamentary firmament since she first attained a place at the rear of National’s much diminished back bench in 2002.