David Bain has filed a claim for compensation with the Minister of Justice. He'll be damn lucky to get it.

So David Bain has decided to apply for compensation for wrongful imprisonment following his acquittal at his 2009 retrial. Fair enough. If he really did spend 13 years behind bars for something he did not do, then we collectively owe him a lot of money.

You might think a jury's "not guilty" verdict finally puts a matter to rest but David Bain is discovering that it can be just the beginning

While the David Bain trial was still running, I tried my best to avoid getting captured in its myriad of details. I feared it would be the legal equivalent of Uncle Remus' tar baby, with the slightest contact inexorably trapping me as surely as Brer Rabbit.

Inquiries into pay rates for women canned to save money; no compo for Rex Haig because "he probably did it"; ARC lost $1.79 million in Beckham game; protesters decry change to internet copyright law; German internet romantic has famous father; and more

Two inquiries into pay rates for women have been axed in an effort to save the Government money, reports the Herald.