commerce commission

If New Zealand's largest street gangs were to ever think about merging forces, it isn't the police they need to worry about. It's those bad hombres at the Commerce Commission ... .

[Ed's note: In December of 2018, this Stuff article appeared. Due to a mix of technical glitches and summer slackness, we're only just now posting Prof Ahdar's wry and satirical take on it.

Paula Rebstock is appointed to the ACC Board one day after the resignation of Chief Executive - National lays strong foundations for further ideological assault on ACC

Yesterday’s announcement that Nick Smith has appointed Paula Rebstock to the Board of ACC should really have come as no surprise.

Power company profiteering has cost New Zealanders $4.3 billion since 2001 – and the Commerce Commission has spent more than three years learning that it’s powerless to stop it happening. Why?

It all seems so simple – but it isn’t.

A country that depends heavily on hydro power generation can expect electricity prices to rise in periods when demand is high and the lakes are low.