You commit the “no true Kiwi” fallacy by insisting that bigotry isn’t the real Kiwi way. Doing so isn’t just flawed reasoning, it ignores those for whom bigotry is a very real part of their lives. Instead: listen, re-examine, aspire, and be a helper.

The “no true Scotsman” fallacy

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority appears to confuse its role in overseeing the rebuild of central Christchurch with owning it entirely. Here's a reminder - it doesn't.

By the way of the ever-vigilant No Right Turn comes a quite outrageous Radio NZ report on the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) pulling the plug

Turns out King Gerry is not an absolute monarch. This is a good thing.

When Parliament passed emergency legislation that gave Ministers broad lawmaking powers in the wake of the first Canterbury earthquake back in September 2010, I said this

If I were a politician, I’d campaign on four social, economic, and environmental issues — not necessarily in that order

Were I a politician, I’d campaign on the cost of living: a social issue.

I know everything is political. But not every political decision is partisan.

I (and others) have had occasion to criticise the Government's (indeed, the entire Parliament's) response to natural disaster in the past.