The Prime Minister told the UN that she aimed for New Zealand ‘to be the best place in the world to be a child’. Once we said it was.

 I do not know whether we were once the best country in the world for children. Certainly when I grew up in the 1950s we thought we were – even if there were no systematic comparisons. We returned from our OE in 1970 with that belief.

Paula Bennett releases Green Paper for Vulnerable Children – a great campaign photo op – but how about some real commitment to help the most vulnerable children right now – those growing up in deepening poverty?

Paula Bennett held a party in Aotea Square today.With bright balloons and live music from Mike Chunn she launched her Green Paper for Vulnerable Children to the admiring crowd.

New Zealanders have spent more than two years angsting over whether parents should be permitted to smack their children. Meanwhile, as a society, we've been failing our kids

Cocaine is not simply an energy drink with an 'edgy' name, whatever its creators may claim

The dairy on the corner sells Cocaine. I know this because the shop frontage is wallpapered in bright blue signs advertising the energy drink. It is the most distinctive thing about the dairy, which otherwise has disappointed me with stale bread and a miserly supply of Sunday newspapers.