Chief Justice

The saga of Prince William’s encounters with the natives of New Zealand during his first Royal overseas mission – to open one of the world’s ugliest buildings

It is a fair bet that Prince William’s memories of his first official Royal visit will endure almost as long as the plaque he unveiled at the new Supreme Court building in our capital.

As The Verlaines put it so pithily, sometimes "there's too many things to talk of at any one time." [sic-Ed]. Paula Bennett... David Garrett... Andrew Becroft...

Sitting down to write this post, I found I had three topics to choose between. I couldn't do it. So I've kept all three.

Instead of debating why our judges and politicians should stay off each others’ turf, we need to tackle the real problem – a prison system that isn’t achieving correction.

There should be tension and debate between our judges and politicians. Let us have far more of it. Forget the conventions. Those who administer the law have as much right to voice their concerns as those who make the law.

Simon Power is right that governments are elected to govern. But he's wrong to slap down Sian Elias for her comments on prison policy

New Zealand's constitution contains a number of rules that seem simple enough on their face, but are quite tricky to apply in practice. One of these is the principle of "comity" between the various branches of government.