Charles Chauvel

The Regulations Review Committee thinks the Government is using the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act appropriately. This is good news.

Following the Canterbury Earthquake, Parliament unanimously enacted a piece of legislation called the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010 (Or CERRA, for short).

This is a shameless attempt to attract media coverage for a relatively obscure blogsite. Please print my story - it's about a gay Labour MP.

It would be nice if more people read the Pundit website. I suspect one of the major reasons why they don't is that not a huge number of people have heard of us. (Another problem concievably could be that those who have heard of us just don't like what we write here, but I'm going to hastily turn my face away from that possibility and hum a happy tune.)

Don’t fire up the bulldozers in the McKenzie Basin just yet. Land use consents for cubicle dairy farms granted by the Waitaki District Council may need to be reheard

This is not widely understood, and was only belatedly understood: all of the publicity around cubicle dairy farming proposals stems from only one aspect of the proposals.

We learn to expect a certain standard of behaviour from our politicians—but that doesn’t excuse it

If you give someone the wrong information, they’re bound to get the wrong answer, and so it was in Parliament on Wednesday night.

If you've struggled to gauge the direction of this government, on energy efficiency policy at least, its ad libbing days are numbered. But the lignite to urea fertiliser proposal is fool's gold

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