car bomb

Obama to restrict use of unmanned drone strikes following civilian deaths; Asian markets tumble after Chinese economic data released; political tensions rise in Malaysia; car bomb kills 12 in Pakistan; Iran advances nuclear programme; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama to Restrict Drone Targets

Car bomb targets Baath Party in Damascus; Bo Xilai on hunger strike; South Korea and US to stage joint military drills; Indian workers stage two-day strike; Human Rights Watch faults Mexico over 150 disappearances; and more

Top of the Agenda: Car Bomb Targets Ruling Baath Party in Damascus

US and Israel accused of assination after Iranian nuclear scientist killed in mysterious motorcycle bomb attack; Should America resort of bombing?; Geithner tells China to cool relationship with Iran; North Korea condemns US for "politicising" food aid; Mitt Romney close to line in race for Republican nomination after NH win; Italy's government looks to end monopolies and vested interests; Arab League mission to Syria labelled "a farce"

Top of the Agenda: Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed