A dislike of capitalism is something that unites the partners in the new government. They believe it has done more harm than good. But what do they actually mean? And what is their alternative? Over the next three years we will find out and whether our lives can be better. 

Capitalism is a "blatant failure" when it comes to housing the poor - Jacinda Ardern.

"Far too many New Zealanders have come to view today's capitalism not as their friend but as their foe" Winston Peters.

" market capitalism is dead" James Shaw. 

American reality - where the uber-wealthy operate under socialism, and capitalism is for the rest. It is a game of nationalised losses and privatised profits, and those occupying Wall St are calling it to account.

The “Occupy Wall St” protests are about to enter their third week, and suddenly America is paying attention.

If we are serious about climate change, we need to challenge the very fundamentals of the global economic order

Climate change fatigue has well and truly set in. This isn’t surprising. Despite all the hype, Copenhagen was little more than a talkfest that ignored what lies at the root of the issue - the fanciful notion that unlimited economic growth (premised on perpetual consumption) is somehow possible on a planet with finite resources and a limited capacity to absorb waste.

The free-marketers can cry all they like, the credit crunch means capitalism will change its shape once again

Let the cry ring out, "we're all Socialists now". That thought has been running through my head for a week or so now, and while it's a little flippant it reflects a remarkable few weeks that has undoubtedly changed the course of capitalism for some years to come. Given the markets' plunge overnight and today, the governments look to have more work to do yet.