Does the right to free speech extend to shouting at a woman to take off her burqa in a supermarket? If not, why not?

We (where "we" are nice liberal folks who share in the positive values of tolerance and respect for others) like to think New Zealand has become a more diverse society, in which people have become much more accepting of difference and display greater willingness to live with the life choices of others.

Multiculturalism. Same sex marriage. Legalisation of prostitution. And so on.

Starting with wearing the niqab in court, moving to messing up prisoner disenfranchisement, passing through justifying yet more limits on election day activity, and finishing with a new theme song for Apple.

Jane already has posted on Quebec's proposed law to regulate religious symbols worn by public servants, so I'll simply add this link to a CBC article in which a Canadian attempts to explain th

Quebec has waded in to the burqa fight, and while the legislation that will lead to a limited ban on full facial covering has been suspiciously suspended, the debate of persecution versus xenophobia rages on.

As the French and the Belgians tear back the veil worn by Muslim women, so too is Quebec enmeshed in the same row