Bryce Edwards

The election may be ancient history by now, but the controversy over the recorded conversation between John Key and John Banks is still brewing away. See what I did there?

Given that the misnamed "tea tapes" (I guess "tea digitally recorded conversation" is a bit much of a mouthful) was one of the two most important things to ha

Well ... by "revolution", I mean the election results. And by "televised", I mean livestreamed on the internet. But ... exciting!

Bryce Edwards teaches over at the Politics Department here at Otago. It would be fair to say that he's been somewhat active in commentating on this election campaign.

Emperor Penguin and Rugby World Cup provide convenient political distractions -- but 30th anniversary of 1981 Springbok Tour a timely reminder of the potential of people power


There’s a classic headline in this morning’s Dominion Post ‘Happy Feet now dining royally on king salmon’.

To me this says it all about current priorities in New Zealand.

Bryce Edwards has been blogging about the Greens’ abandoned social justice agenda, saying they’ve nothing to offer the left. Russel Norman says that’s “bullshit”

Otago University political studies lecturer Bryce Edwards writes a learned blog. I like looking at its pictures. But, unsure how well his views on the Greens stacked up against what Russel Norman and Metiria Turei have actually said, I decided to ask them what they thought.