Bill of Rights

Wearing a wig is not a form of expression. Depending, that is, upon the sort of wig it is. And why the person is wearing it. Maybe. Hope that clears things up for you.

The Court of Appeal handed down its decision yesterday on whether, under the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990, Phillip Smith has an expressive right to wear a wig.

The Police have more than enough laws to fight crime, it's just that they're not using them effectively. The two old parties - National and Labour - can just stop giving them more legislation. When did you ever hear the Rozzers say, "Thank you very much, we have enough power now."?

Justice Clifford's judgment in favour of Hells Angel member Philip Schubert, who sought judicial review overturning Wanganui City Council's bylaw banning gang insignia in public places, is a small blow for freedom of association and expression.

Steve Crow, Aotearoa's porn king, isn't necessarily the sort of free speech hero we might want to celebrate. But his fight with the Auckland City Council is one we all should support

Anyone who has seen the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt will know that society doesn't always get the heroes it might want. Specifically, those who push the boundaries and advocate strongest for the freedoms we all enjoy often are not the sort of folks we'd like to pop by our house for a beer and a BBQ.

David Garrett's contemptuous dismissal of the Attorney-General's Bill of Rights Act report on his cherished Three Strikes Bill shows he either doesn't understand the Bill of Rights, or doesn't believe his bill can be justified

Proposed $60 million spend to boost tourism; police called to schools to deal with unruly students; sharp rise in newborns taken into CYF care; three-strikes law could breach human rights; drinking age to be reviewed; Arthur Allan Thomas joins Bain support camp

The Government and tourism operators are considering spending $60 million to boost tourism, one of the "top 20" ideas to emerge from last week's employment summit, reports the Dominion Post.