While the search goes on for the dead, Asia Pacific countries seem willing to leave those starving in the Andaman Sea to their fate

It's the politics of the perverse and a tangled kind of compassion; an example of priorities utterly back to front when we are making the bizarre choice to search for the dead while the living are in such terrible need.

John Kerry renews efforts for Israel-Hamas cease-fire; Christmas Island refugees are self-harming and should be assessed in Australia, says Human Rights Commission; $40 billion stimulus package for South Korea; calls for factory inspections and worker education in Bangladesh; Algerian plane goes missing; and more 

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Kerry Renews Push for Israel-Hamas Truce

Syria to miss chemical weapons deadline; more troops to take to streets for Thailand's election; People's Bank of China investigates loophole; Russia tests new missile; head of Bangladesh's main Islamist party sentenced to death; and more 

Syria to Miss Chemical Weapons Deadline

UN launches $6.5 billion aid appeal for Syria; North Korean economy unaffected by execution of Kim Jong-un's closest advisor; Japanese businesses brace for sales-tax increase; Ukraine protesters return to central Kiev; Bangladesh violence kills four; and more 


Top of the Agenda: UN Launches Record Aid Appeal for Syria

Egyptian president attempts to ease crisis over perceived power grab; Vietnam ejects new Chinese passports; Australian defense minister apologises to military personnel who were abused during their service; more than 200 killed in Bangladeshi clothing factory fire; Israeli defense minister to retire; and more

Top of the Agenda: Egypt Faces Crisis as Morsi Meets With Judges