by Nicky Hager

The latest reporting on Don Brash's "stolen emails" has again exposed National's political spin machine and a media with a curious attitude towards the public's right to know

I recommend being at the centre of a news issue for getting a close up view of how the news media operates. It is not always a pleasing or uplifting experience, but it is informative.

Leaked Cabinet plans list the government's infrastructure projects and show that even facing the worst economic crisis in half a century, the government intends to restrain its spending

Tim Watkin has been pursuing an important question on Pundit: the difference between fact and impression management in the N

National's campaign is hiding a front bench full of 1990s-style free marketers behind John Key's well-scripted one-liners

The combination of a National-ACT Government (if elected next week) and the current world financial crisis will result in Ne

On Pundit's invitation, Nicky Hager argues that Matthew Hooton's attack on police this week is just another smokescreen

Matthew Hooton has complained that the Police invest