by Ian Hassall

I was surprised the dominant response to the Ed Snowden leaks in the United States has not been concern at invasion of privacy and the misuse of state power, but anger at the leaker... until I remembered something about US DNA

When I lived in the United States some years ago I was captivated by some of its salty expressions. One was, “His head’s up his arse”. I took it to mean the said person was unaware of his surroundings because of his personal preoccupations. I guess that's the opposite of what's most prized in American mainstream culture – being a regular guy.

How can we move forward with the fluoridation debate? Hamilton City Council has an obligation to show that its decision will not cause harm

Fluoridation of public water supplies is a public health measure that has been around since the 1940s.

The 2007 law change prohibiting parents from hitting their children is being quoted as an example of frustration of the popular will by Parliament. But was it?

I see it said quite often nowadays that the law forbidding parents from hitting their children was passed against the popular will. The latest  is from a commenter on Monday’s post on Pundit from Dame Anne Salmond. I don’t see it that way.