by Don Donovan

Haircuts are milestones on the journey of life

About once a month I let Alice have her way with me.

Is netball too old-fashioned in this aggressive age?

I watch Silver Ferns netball because it is the game played at the top level, particularly significant when New Zealand plays against England or Australia. It is the game played at its best.

Can Maori language be anything more than an intellectual or cultural indulgence?

During my short stay at grammar school I learned some Latin and French (as well as English). French was never much use to me but Latin, in later years, became more and more valuable because it is not only at the heart of much English but has also helped with what little Italian I’ve needed for several trips to that country.

The EU is not all it's cracked up to be

Looking objectively at a distance of 20,000 km from the land of my birth I have always found it hard to believe that the EU will survive; that it will be more than an anomaly in a restless history of self-serving tribes.

I've been fretting about the new, vast Auckland and the plethora of shibboleths that will ensue therefrom—especially the logo

In the modern drive to re-define and re-name entities, almost the first task of any new one is to commission a logo design.

It was W.C. Fields, wasn’t it, who made that enlightened and penetrating remark about the wisdom of avoiding animals and children?

I am no great animal lover. Not that I’d do them any harm, mind you, but I always circumnavigate paddocks containing beeves that look the least aggressive and I’ve always thoroughly disliked zoos.

Electronic media, television in particular, are marred by detestable mannerisms from unprofessional presenters

In advance of making a maiden speech (I cannot remember when or where) I was once advised, by someone who knew about these things, to select a face from the crowd and to address myself to that face.

The vexed question of what to do with convicted criminals