Ukraine expels pro-Russian separatists from government building in Kharkiv; Hagel warns China against making unilateral moves that could escalate tensions in Asia Pacific; Australia signs pact to free up trade with South Korea; and more 

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Ukraine Moves to Regain Eastern Control

Putin moves ahead with plan to annex Crimea; Thailand to lift Bangkok's State of Emergency; owners of Fukushima nuclear plant turning to unskilled workers to decommision site which may have contributed to recent leak; and more 

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Putin Moves Forward With Crimean Annexation

Crimea declares independence from Ukraine; missing Malayasia Airlines flight strains international co-operation; China rejects UN report accusing North Korea of crimes against humanity; Russian arms exports surge; as US withdraws from Afghanistan, Pakistan eyes unwanted military equipment; and more 

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Crimea Moves Toward Union With Russia as EU Prepares Sanctions

There’s been a nasty dose of ‘border relativism' in the debate about Crimea and it misses the point; you can’t have a referendum at the point of a gun, doesn’t matter what history says.

Yes, Crimea used to be part of the Soviet Union and was gifted to Ukraine in 1954 (which was part of the Soviet Union then) by Nikita Khrushchev. He couldn’t have anticipated Ukraine would one day be independent - or perhaps he could; the Russian borders have bulged and receded over the last 1000 years, as have the borders throughout Europe.

Pro-Russian forces seal off another military airport in Crimea; search for Malaysia Airlines jet continues; North Koreans endorse government in Parliamentary elections offering just one candidate per seat; Middle East drought threatens global food prices; Nigerian healthcare hit by Boko Haram violence; and more 

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Russian Forces Gain in Crimea