Russell Brown

The latest move to breathe new life into public broadcasting services is a proposal to turn Radio New Zealand into a multi-media operation. Here’s why it’s worth a crack.

Radio New Zealand does what it does do well. National Radio sets the standard in radio news, current affairs and talk.

When science joins journalism, good things happen, as Mike Joy and Stephen Sackur showed. It was a big media science story, that should have been a bigger economic one: how to reconcile dairy’s growth industry with our “100% pure” brand

It’s an august line-up, on this Thursday’s Media 7 science special: Professor Sir Peter Gluckman; Robert, Lord Winston. Me.

Judging the KidsCan charity on its administration costs alone misses the point of what charities are created to do... change society for the better

People like to think that our society is proactively generous and compassionate, with everyone actively seeking out causes to support.

Bloggers have been pecking at NBR publisher Barry Colman after his very public swipe at online media. Thing is, in many ways he's right.

My, but Barry Colman has put a cat amongst the online pigeons. The owner of the National Business Review has decided to charge a subscription fee for "the best news stories, scoops and commentary" on the paper's website – roughly 20 percent of NBR's online content. In doing so he took a swipe at bloggers, many of whom have bridled at his criticism. Thing is, Colman has a point.

Jihad to continue against "foreign forces" in Afghanistan, as we debate media coverage of our soldiers there on TVNZ 7

On a day that Taliban forces in Afghanistan have promised to pursue their jihad against all foreign forces in their country, including the 140-odd New Zealand troops there, Pundit David Beatson and I are heading into the Classic in Auckland to discuss the media's coverage of Afghanistan with Russell Brown on his Media7 show.