CIA accused of violating US Constitution; Chinese are using popular bank card to smuggle money out of country; middle class expands in North Korea; Swedish journalist killed in Kabul; Obama shows support for new government in Kiev; and more 

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Senate-CIA Row Goes Public

While the crisis in the Crimea has somewhat overshadowed him, Israel's Prime Minister has again this week goaded the Palestinians to do something he knows they can't - recognise not just Israel's right to exist which they did years ago, but now refer to Israel as the Jewish state.  

I opened a newspaper today to see a ‘cartoon’ by Jewish political cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen who goes by the name of ‘Dry Bones’.

Obama set on diplomatic path with Iran; dozens of Islamists killed in Philippines; Thai government plans to deploy 10,000 police officers on election day; female politician in India blames victims for rape; UN to sanction those suspected of war crimes in Central African Republic; and more 

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Obama Reinforces Diplomatic Path on Iran

Iraqi PM wants US weapons; North Korea accused of "gross human rights violations"; Assad regime reportedly using starvation as tactic; Obama orders NSA to curb spying on UN headqurters; and more 

Top of the Agenda: Iraqi PM Maliki Seeks U.S.

Obama administration considers ending surveillance of allied heads of state; China suspects Tiananmen Square crash a suicide attack; North Korea at work on missile launch site; India raises interest rates to curb inflation; US intensifies efforts to capture Joseph Kony; and more

Top of the Agenda: U.S. Mulls Spying Constraints